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Titel: Original Xbox - Battlefield 2: Modern Combat the end of an era
Beitrag von: Baumwoll-Auge-Joe am April 14, 2010, 10:29:00 am

On the 15th April, Microsoft will be closing down access to the original Xbox Live services. This unfortunately means that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Xbox will no longer be playable online.


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DICE would like to thank all the players that kept Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Xbox so popular since launch and we hope you take time out of playing Backstab on repeat and take this last chance to play all the other mutliplayer maps like: Bridge Too Far, Deadly Pass, The Black Gold, Little Big Eye, Frostbite, Honor, Full Frontal, Dammage, Cold Front, Missile Crisis, Russian Border, Harbor Edge, Hidden, The Nest and Special Op. 


Feel free to discuss the last hours of the original Xbox version of BF2:MC on our forums ( and arrange some last games with friends.


For more details on the original Xbox Live service and its closure check out Major Nelson's blog (


This won't affect the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat which will continue to be playable online.


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