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Beitrag von: LordRaZerAge am Mai 05, 2014, 17:27:26 pm
Hey guys and admins, this is my Steam Profile, as you can see my most played game is Left 4 Dead 2. I spent 80% playing on steam group servers. My favourite server is kifferstuebchen because it has shop and points, infinite M60 Ammo, more zombies and tanks with no cheats! I love playing on the server. It can be played up to 20 players and no lags. So I went to a vacation for 2 weeks last month. When I went back, I noticed that I couldn't play on any kifferstuebchen servers! So sad  :'( Unbanned for no reason. I didn't play any hacks or cheats. Please, unban me, no kifferstuebchen, no Left 4 Dead 2. And I had to use google translate to access this website. Chrome doesn't translate sometimes. Where can I get the English Version? Thanks for reading my review and don't forget to unban my steam id aaa, good job for the awesome servers!

Edit #2 - Just noticed I can play in the server. Thanks!

Beitrag von: Baumwoll-Auge-Joe am Mai 08, 2014, 14:20:25 pm
There are no bans on our servers. Please doublecheck that you are playing on servers. There are some other servers in our group which does not belong to us.

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