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History of the Assault in Battlefield
« am: Oktober 30, 2014, 17:07:33 pm »

Last up in our BF4 Class Weeks is none other than the legendary Assault class, which has seen quite a few changes over the years. Read on for its complete history!

[b]Battlefield 1942[/b]

One of five kits available to Battlefield 1942 players, the Assault was the go-to class when engaging enemy infantry. Back then, it was all about wielding the firepower of automatic rifles and light machine guns, staying close to the action in the fight between Axis and Allies. 12 years ago, the Assault didn’t have any fancy equipment or healing duties – other classes took care of that.

[b]Battlefield 2[/b]

In the modern-day setting of Battlefield 2, the Assault class was still a general-purpose choice for medium-range combat, but it still evolved thanks to additions to the arsenal. For instance, the class gained access to the Underslung Grenade Launcher, a powerful piece of military hardware, and Assault players could also withstand an extra beating thanks to the body armor.

[b]Battlefield 2142[/b]

Remember when Defibrillators were single-handed? The future is sweet. As the number of classes was trimmed down to four in Battlefield 2142, the abilities of Battlefield 2’s Assault and Medic merged, giving birth to a new kind of Assault kit. This challenged us to focus both on being an assault rifle badass (made easier with rocket and shotgun add-ons), as well as healing and reviving team mates.

[b]Battlefield: Bad Company[/b]

With the added destruction and chaos introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company, we had a lot of fun with both assault rifles and grenade launchers (although Demolition guys were of course even more explosive) when playing Assault. The convenient LIFE-2 gadget, an auto-injector that restored the Assault player’s health, is also memorable. Other than that, the Assault class was the spear-head of the squad, throwing themselves into the all-out war.[/b]

[b][b]Battlefield 4

Jumping ahead to the present and Battlefield 4, the current incarnation of the Assault is a versatile class – not to mention an excellent choice for those just starting out with the game. The healing capabilities have evolved and the Battlefield 4 Assault has access to both a Medic Bag and the smaller First Aid Pack that can be thrown further. Again, the class is crucial for playing the objective and making sure the team stays alive.

Want to know how to be a better Assault player in Battlefield 4? Make sure to read the main Assault Class blog post for some tips.


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